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Planting Pond Plants

Pond plants grow best at specific water depths, exposure and either in the  pots or directly into your pond, depending upon your situation. 

It is often easier to grow your plants inside pots or other type of planter that helps achor the plant and help contain their growth.

We have a great selection of plastic, fabric and floating pots and fertilizer to keep your pond plants healthy and looking great.     


Pots for Pond Plants

We carry several different sizes of plastic mesh pots, fabric containers and even floating planters. 


Direct Planting

Direct planting pond plants means to plant them into the pond without pots. This is primarily done in Bog Gardens, Swim Ponds, Large Ponds or Plant Filters. The exposed roots clean the water more efficiently. Be cautious as pond plants can be fast growers, so remember Right Plant = Right Place rule  

plants at
the proper depth

Marginal Plants Water Depth- Taller plants can go deeper than shorter plants.jpg
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