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Store Products 

We carry a variety of brands that really work for Pond Maintenance, Construction and other Landscape Materials. Stop in and view our selections and we can also order it in especially for your project. 


We carry what you need to build your pond or water feature or just replace or upgrade your system:

  • Biofalls, Spillways and Wiers

  • Skimmers & Filter Media

  • Pumps, Aerators & Spitters

  • Plumbing, Pipe and Fittings

  • Submersible and Landscape Lighting

  • Pressure Filters, UV Clarifiers & IONGEN

  • Nets, Netting & Predator Controls

  • Water Treatments, Testing Kits & Clarifiers

  • Pond Liner & other Landscape Materials

  • Pavers & Wall Block, Fire Pit Kits- Belgard

 Our selection of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants are suitable for backyard ponds, koi ponds, water features, rain and bog gardens. We seasonally carry (Spring-Fall):

  • Hardy Marginal Plants- Calla Lily, Canna Lily, Cattail, Iris, Marsh Marigold, Pickerel Rush, Spiral Rush, Sweet Flag, plus many more

  • Waterlilies- Hardy-Red, White, Pink, Yellow, Salmon & Changeable. Tropical waterlilies by special order

  • Lily Like Plants- Water Hawthorne, Water Clover

  • Floating Plants- Water Lettuce, Water Hyacinths

  • Submerged Plants- we can special order Hornwort, Eelgrass

Pond Fish: Standard & Butterfly Koi, Fancy Goldfish 


What's New

Winter has it's own Beauty!

This winter, enjoy the changes in your pond. Cool ice columns and dams transform your water feature into a wintery visionary delight.

Have images to share? We would love to add them to our Tour of Ponds!

Or Learn something new- take one of our classes!

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