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Fall & Winter Seasonal Care

Caring for your Pond
during Fall & Winter

Learn what you need to do during late summer / early fall through winter that helps you get a jump start for spring!

Fall Pond Care

  • Remove organic matter- leaves, twigs, branches, etc inside the pond, waterfall and stream areas.

  • Last Time for Water Changes or Vacuuming the pond bottom – if you have fish.   If you need to add water in the cooler months do it slowly as to not shock the fish.

  • If you have a skimmer, check it daily during heavy leaf drop so your pump is not obstructed.

  • Protecting your pond with netting can capture large amounts of leaves saving you some clean up time.

  • Add Beneficial Bacteria or Sludge Remover treatments to reduce fish waste, uneaten fish food and decomposing 

  • Feed a wheat germ / cold water/ spring & fall diet from late summer until fall when the water temperatures are around 50-55 deg. F Reduce your feedings as fish gradually go dormant. Do not feed fish in the winter, fish can develop diseases (dropsy) and possible die. We stop feeding around the end of October- early November weather depending. Stopping temperature is generally 50degrees F and below.

  • Monitor your fish for signs of stress (unusual or erratic behavior, clamped fins, lethargy), diseases (wounds, fuzzy patches, ulcers) or parasites (flashing or scraping on the bottom). Check your water quality, treat if needed. Limit water changes or pond cleaning while fish are dormant, it is usually best to wait until spring.

Pond Care

  • Maintain aeration- keep pumps running 24/7. Add addition aerators to keep ponds from freezing over.

  • Do not let ponds completely ice over, maintain a 2’ hole for gas exchange. Don’t bang on the ice, could shock fish

  • Be Mindful of Water Level. Don’t let pumps run “dry” from ice or leaks

  • Ice can the rob pond of usable water.

  • Ice around waterfalls can be pretty can also make channels that can cause leaks

  • Don’t feed your fish. If we have some warm days and they seem active you can feed “Cheerios” but I would just not feed.

Fall Leaves
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