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Pond Problems & Troubleshooting

Algae unfortunately happens in ponds, waterfalls and water features. Learn how the control the different types of Algae, even if you have pets! 


Construction & Design Tips

Plan your pond and build it right- the first time. Learn where to site your pond, design and building tips. We build custom pond kits! 


Seasonal Pond Care 

Learn how to care for your pond as the seasons change- click to follow link

Fall & Winter Care. Spring Start Up. Summer Ponds. Complete Pond Cleanout. Bubbler & Fountain Care. "Pond-Less" Care.


Water Quality Issues & Testing

Achieving crystal clear water in your pond may be a challenge. Learn about the main water quality issues, testing your water and about the Nitrogen Cycle or Water Balance

Pond Leaks & Repair

Pond leaks and repairs can be very frustrating. Learn how to determine if you have a leak, where it may be located and how to repair liner damage.

Pond Calculations

How Much Liner do you need?

How many gallons do I have?

How much will the electrical cost be for my pond pump? 

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