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Lotus in Bloom

Pond Plants
Care & Choosing

Pond Plant Seasonal Care

Learn how to care for your pond plants- Planting, Potting, Fertilizing, Pruning & Propagation. Right Time = Right Season


Bog Plants & Construction

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Lotus Care

Doesn't everyone want to grow Lotus? Learn how you can grow and cultivate Lotus!


Types of Pond Plants

There are 4 main types of pond or aquatic plants. Selecting pond plants. Selecting plants for your pond. Direct Planting vs Plants in Pots

lillie and frog3.JPG

Waterlilies- Types & Colors

Waterlilies are the queens of the pond. Learn how to choose and care for waterlilies.


Pond Plants Gone Wild

How to manage pond plants that have gone wild and prevent it in the future.

Pond Plant Diseases & Insect Problem Solutions

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