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Fountains and Water Feature Care

Fountains and bubbling water features are a more easy-care option for those who may want a small feature or just want to hear the sound of water without the maintenance of a pond. Whether you have an actual standalone fountain or bubbling rock or pot you will need to do a few things to help keep your fountain water feature clean and running effectively. Here are 5 tips to care for your water feature:

1. Maintain Proper Water Level. Make sure your feature has enough water to work properly and that the pump never runs dry. Add water as needed, check the water level on a regular basis, especially during hot days when water evaporates faster. This may be daily or a few times a week or just weekly.  An automatic water fill valve may be installed that can automatically add water when the level decreases.

2.  Maintain Pump Intake. Your pump may get clogged with debris from time to time that will slow down the flow. If this happens, you will need to clean the intake (where the pump sucks water) and remove debris-remember to unplug the pump before you take it out of the water. Pumps can be wiped or gently sprayed with water to clean off muck. There are pump socks if excess debris clogging your pump becomes a continued problem. Never let your pump run dry. In winter you may want to shut down your feature, if so, remove your pump and winterize indoors in the garage or other frost-free area.

3. Keeping it Clean. Remove debris by hand or use a small net. Algae may be your biggest concern; scale may be the second. Algae may come in a few shades of green, red or brownish and can be treated using several different products.  Scale is usually whitish and is a result of calcium deposits or it may be red from iron or copper that may cause stains.

4. Placement. Bubbling features can go almost anywhere you want, especially the above ground types, just make sure it is somewhere you can regularly enjoy it! If you can choose the ideal spot it would be in part sun or shady area protected from excess elements such as wind, shedding trees or plants-especially

small needles and leaves that could clog up your pump.

5. Add Treatments. Refer below to treatment options. You may wish to try different methods until you find the one that is the best fit for you and your lifestyle. Anytime you have questions, stop into our store, call, or email us!

Fountain and Bubbler Rock Care- Treatment Options

Option 1: Fountec and Protec. Fountec Kills all types of algae and prevents regrowth in decorative fountains, water gardens, tabletop features, and birdbaths. Fountecs’ cationic polymers also super-clarify water. Should Algae persist repeat dosage daily, for several days, then maintain with weekly doses.

Fountec: removes and kills algae with minimal brushing; clarifiers the water; is non-foaming and non-staining. "Safe" for plants, birds, and animals to drink treated water. Not safe for aquatic life or fish.

Protec: Prevents and removes scale buildup; Controls water metals and prevents surface stains; protects fountain water pumps; non-acidic; use monthly. Environmentally safe- for birds, plants, and animals, including aquatic life.

Option 2: Algae-Stop or Fountain Blocks and Sludgemax. Algae-Stop is a liquid

“algaecide” and Fountain Blocks are tablets that dissolves debris. Add liquid Algae-Stop or Fountain Blocks weekly or as needed to control algae. Follow up a few days later with Sludgemax treatment ( 1-2 tablets depending upon water feature size) or liquid beneficial bacteria product- Aqua One or Organic Digester to eat the sludge & debris as well as prevent murky water.

Option 3: “Oxy” Pond Cleaner and Sludgemax.  Oxy Pond Cleaner is a powder that dissolves debris. Add liquid Oxy Pond Cleaner weekly or as needed to control algae. If you have pets drinking out of your feature, you may wish to use Oxy Pond Cleaner as it works fast and is gone after 3 hours. To use: simply sprinkle oxy pond cleaner powder on wet areas and use a brush if needed (it is completely worked in 3 hours).

Follow up that day or a few days later with Sludgemax treatment (1-2 tablets depending upon water feature size) or liquid beneficial bacteria product- Aqua One or Organic Digester to eat the sludge & debris as well as prevent murky water. Check this out for more info:

Option 4: Vinegar & Muscle Power. Another option is to treat with white vinegar and a little muscle power that you provide. Start by unplugging / turn off your pump. Allow the sun to dehydrate the algae, air will also dry it out a bit. Spray white vinegar on the debris areas. Use a scrub brush to scrub off algae and debris. You may need to do this several times. They use a strong spray nozzle or pressure washer to remove the rest of debris. Net out large chunks if possible. Add Sludge Reducer or Beneficial Bacteria to

clear the water and prevent murkiness. Avoid using vinegar on polished stones or glazed pots as it may strip the finish; if you notice this happening then discontinue use. 

For more information on Fountain Care and to Purchase Products- Stop by our Pond Supply Store or email

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