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Learn what you need to do to care for your pond this fall and winter- click on the link


Are you having Pond or Fish Problems? Ask Us-Please  Email- Click Here- 

Build Your Own

We have the experience, knowledge and supplies to help guide you through your installation process. 


Our Pond Kits are customized to your project. You can stop in or email us with your images and dimensions for a Pond Kit Quote.

Pond Fish

Hardy Pond Fish for the PNW

Standard Koi

Butterfly Koi

Fancy Goldfish


Pond Plants

Pond, Bog and Rain Garden Plants suitable for aquatic or wet soil conditions. Special Orders Available.

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Are you a Contractor, Builder or Pond Installer?

We offer discounts and 

delivery services.

-Belgard Pavers & Wall Block

-Kichler Products

-TrueGrid Plastic Pavers

-Natural Stone Products



Pond Problems

Fish Issues

Plants Gone Wild

much more!


Tour of Ponds

See our Customers Ponds!

You can send us your pond images and we will post them here!

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